Testimonials from

our Families

"Elaine has worked, and is still working, very hard to build an amazing place for parents to bring their children with special needs. Being a parent is hard, but adding other challenges on top of everyday life can be such a struggle. Elaine knows this firsthand, and so I believe she was meant to put help in place for others; those that maybe haven’t realized that they can trust other people with their kids or that they can and need to take for themselves to recharge. What a great blessing Elaine has created for our community! I’m so thankful to be involved and to help keep her dream alive and flourishing!

~From one of our caregivers

"Peace place is wonderful for children and adults. We no longer have to worry about childcare with someone that doesn't understand our daughter's needs."

~From the mother of a young girl with sensory disorder

"Peace place is an amazing place. I'm very thankful that we have something like this in our community. I would recommend Peace Place to any parent who needs a break and won't trust just anyone to watch their little blessing."

~From the mother of a young boy with Down Syndrome

"My daughter loves Peace Place when she goes. The staff are GREAT with the kids. She loves the dress-up clothes and playing with other children. So thank you to everyone for working hard for the Peace Place program!"

~Mother of a young girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder

“I had been praying for something like this to come along for [my daughter]… I had been to another daycare and they were really nice, but I couldn’t shake the anxious feeling I had about leaving my daughter there. As soon as I walked in the door [at Peace Place], I felt peaceful and comfortable leaving her here.”

"We just LOVE

Peace Place!"